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Intervarsity at Weber State University wants to see "Students and faculty transform, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. Come and check out what we are all about.
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Weber State University was founded in 1889 in Ogden, Utah – a region of the country with little, if any, Christian presence.

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In 2005, seeing no Christian ministries on campus, Washington Heights Church reached out to InterVarsity Headquarters and asked if there was anyway IV could come to WSU. With only three InterVarsity staff in the entire state, InterVarsity asked veteran staff, Brad Bertelsen, if he could visit WSU once a week to help start a ministry.


In 2007, Mac & Amy Smith responded to God’s call and moved to Utah to become the first full-time campus staff at Weber State. By 2010, the group grew to over 100 students and has consistently been one of the largest campus ministries in the state of Utah. InterVarsity at Weber State is now impacting many corners of the campus with ministries for the dorms, commuters, students of specific cultural groups, and athletes.

Weekly Gatherings

Large Group

InterVarsity chapters hold regular gatherings to bring all students together. Large group features worship, a speaker, prayer and a chance to connect with other students who want to follow Jesus.

Meeting Place
How To Get There

We meet on Thursday nights from 8-9pm in the Skyroom, room #404 on the top floor of the Shepherd Union Building.  To find the room take the stairs/elevator on the east end of the building, nearest to the library and the bowling alley. Every Thursday we gather for worship, a short talk and hang out afterward with snacks.   Large group is a great place to meet new people and to grow in your relationship with God.

Small Groups

A value of InterVarsity is to establish student led “witnessing communities” that seek to connect every corner of campus- whether it’s a dorm, the dance department, or their athletic team- to Christ. InterVarsity small groups are weekly, student-led Bible studies aimed at gathering communities of students to form deeper friendships and practically discover what it means to follow Jesus in college.

Talk to your campus staff about which small groups are happening on your campus. If you would like someone to contact you about them, click the button below and fill out our interest card form. We look forward to connecting with you.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Fall Conference

InterVarsity hosts a variety of regional and national conferences designed to helps students grow in their relationship with Christ. At conferences, students will connect with InterVarsity chapters across the state and country. They will be challenged to commit more deeply to Christ and learn how to share their faith with others back on campus.

Chapter Camp

Every Spring, InterVarsity chapters travel to Catalina Island for Chapter Camp. At this week-long retreat on the California coast, students will dig-in to the Gospel of Mark, growing deeper in their relationship with Christ and with their InterVarsity community.

Athletes InterVarsity

Athletes InterVarsity is a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/ USA, engaging the athletic community; teams, coaches, athletes, trainers, and support staff in questions of who Jesus is.  We desire to be a movement of athletes and coaches being transformed by Jesus, renewing collegiate athletics, and our hope is to see world changers developed.


WSU Ministry Contact:

Mac Smith

International Student Ministries

ISM seeks to serve and connect internationals to campus life and a welcoming community, introduce them to Jesus in a respectful and loving way, and encourage them to grow in leadership and in their spiritual lives following God in their home country and around the world.


Ministry Contact:

Keith Burns

Work Days

Need work done around your home or business?  Hire a college student and help them attend one of our life changing camps or conferences!

Meet Our Staff

Keith Burns
Campus Staff – International Student Ministries

In addition to involvement in college ministry as a student and volunteer, Keith has taught in public and private schools and worked in camp ministry. After living in Colorado and New Mexico, Keith answered the call to move to Utah and has been at Weber State University since 2014. He enjoys making and consuming a wide variety of cuisine and music, as well as exploring the lands, waters, and books he encounters, with the aim of sharing and learning from others.


Email Me

Phone: 303-618-2976

Find Me on Facebook

Jared Cummings
Campus Staff

Jared Cummings is on staff at Weber state University.  He graduated from Northern Arizona University in the spring of 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing.  Jared enjoys spending his time with others and will always try to find a way to provide more fun into the group.  He also loves playing all sorts of games and watching television shows, like Survivor.  Jared leads the apprentice team in the Weber chapter also coordinates many of the events InterVarsity runs on campus.

Email Me

Phone: 480-818-3373

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Jessica Haslip
Campus Staff

Jessica came on staff with InterVarsity at Weber State University in 2015. Jessica loves to dance! She graduated from Weber with a bachelor’s degree in dance and has continued to participate in dance projects and teaching in the community.  Jessica enjoys learning about other cultures and empowering students to love God and their friends.

Email Me

Phone: 801-860-2821

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Maribel Nava
Campus Staff

Maribel graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and a minor in English Literature. After working for a Law Office, as a youth pastor at New Heights Church and teaching at Layton Christian Academy Maribel decided to come on staff with InterVarsity full time. Her desire is to see a generation of young people be on fire for God and his Kingdom. She loves traveling, food and music and enjoys reading, writing, playing guitar and going to the movies.

Email Me

Phone: 801-837-7421

Find Me on Facebook

Mac Smith
Area Director – Athletes InterVarsity

Mac is Co-Area Director with Amy and a part of the National Leadership Team for Athletes InterVarsity.  Mac is the chaplain for the Weber State University football team and oversees the staff that lead InterVarsity at Utah State University and the University of Utah.   It has often been said that Mac knows no strangers…he  loves people and especially college students in Utah where the need is so great!

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