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Intervarsity at Utah State University wants to see "Students and faculty transform, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. Come and check out what we are all about.
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In the early 1980’s Eldon & Darcie moved to Logan to start InterVarsity at Utah State University…

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They stayed for four years, meeting international students, building up students as leaders, and studying the Bible. But because of some external factors, they had to leave campus, and instead began to lead a local church so that they could continue to love and care for students and people in Logan. For the past 20 years our friends and ministry partners Rob & Miriam Gunn had been faithfully working on campus at USU through the ministry of CRU.  Last year they handed the baton to InterVarsity and after 30 years we came back to USU in the Fall of 2015.  God called Erin McConnaha to the Logan area to plant the ministry of InterVarsity at Utah State.

Weekly Gatherings

Small Groups

A value of InterVarsity is to establish student led “witnessing communities” that seek to connect every corner of campus- whether it’s a dorm, the dance department, or their athletic team- to Christ. InterVarsity small groups are weekly, student-led Bible studies aimed at gathering communities of students to form deeper friendships and practically discover what it means to follow Jesus in college.

Talk to your campus staff about which small groups are happening on your campus. If you would like someone to contact you about them, click the button below and fill out our interest card form. We look forward to connecting with you.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Fall Conference

InterVarsity hosts a variety of regional and national conferences designed to helps students grow in their relationship with Christ. At conferences, students will connect with InterVarsity chapters across the state and country. They will be challenged to commit more deeply to Christ and learn how to share their faith with others back on campus.

Chapter Camp

Every Spring, InterVarsity chapters travel to Catalina Island for Chapter Camp. At this week-long retreat on the California coast, students will dig-in to the Gospel of Mark, growing deeper in their relationship with Christ and with their InterVarsity community.

Work Days

Need work done around your home or business?  Hire a college student and help them attend one of our life changing camps or conferences!

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Meet Our Staff

Erin McConnaha
Campus Staff 

Erin graduated from the University of Montana with degrees in Sociology with an emphasis in Inequality and Social Justice, Liberal Arts with an option in Religious Studies, and a Minor in South and Southeast Asian Studies. Erin joined Intervarsity as a freshmen and loved leading small groups and working with International students. She participated in the Kenya Global Proect, the China Global Project, and spent a semester in Hyderabad, India before becoming an Intervarsity intern at Weber State University. God called Erin to start InterVarsity at Utah State University in Logan, Utah.  Some of the things in life that bring her joy include painting, photography, being outside, history, and travelling.

Kristine Reddington
USU Campus Staff

Kristine has been on staff at Utah State University since 2016. She grew up in rural Japan and has a huge heart for the people of Japan- a country less than 1% Christian. Although her heart is with the Japanese people, she strongly feels that God has placed her at Utah State for this season of her life. As a student, at Weber State, Kristine was radically changed through InterVarsity. When she came to Utah State with now Area Director Mac Smith in Feb. of 2014 to pray over the campus, she never thought she would be one of the workers God would send to reach the students at Utah State. She loves showing students the beauty of following Jesus and how it can be such a life-giving experience. She used be intimidated by the thought of doing ministry at Utah State because it seemed very challenging and impossible. It is true that things are not easy at times, but she is confident that God who loves this campus so deeply will do His mighty work through His people and through InterVarsity.


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Phone: 801-513-1612

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