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Intervarsity at Utah State University Eastern wants to see "Students and faculty transform, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. Come and check out what we are all about.
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Utah State University – Eastern was founded in 1937 as Carbon College. It continued to grow, and in 2010 it merged with Utah State University…

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Around that time, God placed a vision for reaching this campus on InterVarsity Area Director Brad Bertelsen’s heart, and in 2014 he acted on this vision by traveling to the campus and beginning to cultivate relationships with local pastors and students who wanted to see InterVarsity on their campus as well. InterVarsity at USU-E continues to grow, with the vision of engaging USU-E with Jesus’ gift of love and reconciliation.

Weekly Gatherings

Small Groups

A value of InterVarsity is to establish student led “witnessing communities” that seek to connect every corner of campus- whether it’s a dorm, the dance department, or their athletic team- to Christ. InterVarsity small groups are weekly, student-led Bible studies aimed at gathering communities of students to form deeper friendships and practically discover what it means to follow Jesus in college.

Talk to your campus staff about which small groups are happening on your campus. If you would like someone to contact you about them, click the button below and fill out our interest card form. We look forward to connecting with you.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Fall Conference

Fall Conference takes place every year in Park City with over 150 students from all across Utah & Southern Idaho. At Fall Conference you will have the opportunity to worship, hear from God and explore Park City with friends.  You don’t want to miss out on this amazing weekend!

Chapter Camp

Every Spring, InterVarsity chapters travel to Catalina Island for Chapter Camp. At this week-long retreat on the California coast, students will dig-in to the Gospel of Mark, growing deeper in their relationship with Christ and with their InterVarsity community.

Work Days

Need work done around your home or business?  Hire a college student and help them attend one of our life changing camps or conferences!

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Meet Our Staff

Brad Bertelsen
Area Director – Central and Southern Utah

Brad is the Area Director for Central & Southern Utah.  He loves planting new things and is a missionary at heart. Brad and Shelley Bertelsen have been married since 1992 and have served with InterVarsity since 1993.  They have 3 teen age daughters and have lived in Utah since 2003. They both spent many years in Mexico in the 1970’s and 80’s.   They love Mexican food, culture, and language.  Brad loves doing cross cultural ministry and fly fishing.  Shelley loves homeschooling their daughters, Korean dramas and puzzles.


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Phone: 801-634-9244

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