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Founded in 1850, the University of Utah is the flagship public university in the state. Located in Salt Lake City…

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The “U” is a school that prides itself in being a hub for research and development. Notable faculty member, William DeVries, is credited with performing the first artificial heart transplant surgery at the University of Utah’s medical facilities.


With so many medical and technological advances, conversely the U has had few, if any, Christian ministries on campus. In the early 2000s, InterVarsity began its first ministry at the U. Starting as a general undergraduate ministry, the ministry at the U grew and expanded across campus, creating new ministries to reach more student groups. Currently, in addition to the thriving general undergraduate ministry, there are growing ministries for graduate students, fraternity & sorority students,  and art students. InterVarsity at the U’s hope is to continue to extend God’s Kingdom into every corner of the campus.

Weekly Gatherings

Large Group

Large group is a place where the whole fellowship gathers to share stories, hear  how God is moving on campus, and be encouraged to participate in the story God is writing for our lives, the campus, and the world.


We gather every week for Large Group on Thursday evenings in the Ray Olpin Student University Union.

Meeting Place
How To Get There

Large Group is in the Union Theatre located on the second floor of the Student Union.

Small Groups

A value of InterVarsity is to establish student led “witnessing communities” that seek to connect every corner of campus- whether it’s a dorm, the dance department, or their athletic team- to Christ. InterVarsity small groups are weekly, student-led Bible studies aimed at gathering communities of students to form deeper friendships and practically discover what it means to follow Jesus in college.

Talk to your campus staff about which small groups are happening on your campus. If you would like someone to contact you about them, click the button below and fill out our interest card form. We look forward to connecting with you.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Fall Conference

InterVarsity hosts a variety of regional and national conferences designed to helps students grow in their relationship with Christ. At conferences, students will connect with InterVarsity chapters across the state and country. They will be challenged to commit more deeply to Christ and learn how to share their faith with others back on campus.

Chapter Camp

Every Spring, InterVarsity chapters travel to Catalina Island for Chapter Camp. At this week-long retreat on the California coast, students will dig-in to the Gospel of Mark, growing deeper in their relationship with Christ and with their InterVarsity community.

Greek InterVarsity

Greek InterVarsity is a strategic ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It exists to reach a unique and influential demographic of the campus and to equip them with teaching, training and resources to become leaders on campus and world changers in their lives after graduation.


Ministry Contact

Alison  Smith

Arts InterVarsity

Arts InterVarsity is a strategic campus ministry. We understand that artists face unique challenges as we develop our artistic gifts and our faith. Our mission as the InterVarsity National Arts Ministry is to help university artists find ways to connect their art, life, and faith – to develop creative communicators that help change the world.

Ministry Contact

Hannah Dessel

Grad & Faculty

The staff of Graduate & Faculty Ministries serve on campus to guide these communities and to resource these students and faculty as they seek to follow Christ. Our animating vision is to see graduate students and faculty spiritually transformed and developed into those who can effect change in the world, especially those positioned to bring renewal to their campus and the world of higher education.


Ministry Staff

Hannah Dessel

Work Days

Need work done around your home or business?  Hire a college student and help them attend one of our life changing camps or conferences!

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Meet Our Staff

Hannah Dessel
Campus Staff – Arts InterVarsity

Hannah Dessel is on staff at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City! She is married to a firefighter named Derek and they have been happily married for almost a year. Here are some things you need to know about Hannah: she loves to dance, watching The Office, getting coffee and tea, eating food, going on spontaneous adventures, and naps! Hannah loves getting to know people on a deep level and seeing how Jesus can transform students during the journey of college. She would love for you to text or call her to grab some coffee and just chat!


Email Me

Phone: 801-391-0038

Find Me on Facebook

Alison Smith
Campus Staff – Greek InterVarsity

Alison Smith is on staff with Greek InterVarsity at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Originally from Michigan, Alison and her husband, Sean, moved to Utah in 2010 to plan the ministry to fraternity & sorority students at the U of U.  In her spare time, she loves reading, running, making meals for her students, and sharing adventures with her husband.


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