InterVarsity in Utah & Southern Idaho | Kenya
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InterVarsity’s Global Missions Project

Mission to Kenya

Project Details

Building on a 30+ year history, Kenya GP students (including NURSING STUDENTS) will experience first-hand what God is up to in this beautifully diverse and complex part of God’s world. It is a nation of EXTREMES: Extreme spiritual thirst alongside extreme spiritual lostness. Extreme poverty alongside extreme wealth. Evangelistic and service opportunities are EVERYWHERE. God’s heart for social justice in Kenya is constantly on display, and GP students will be exposed to the intersection of AIDS, Poverty, and Orphans. After a week of orientation, students will travel to 3-week ministry assignments which will include living with Kenyan families and working alongside village or urban churches, teaching in schools, serving in orphanages and (for nursing students) serving in hospitals. The final 3 weeks will include team service in slums of Nairobi and an introduction to Hindu and Muslim outreach, followed by debriefing and re-entry training.