InterVarsity in Utah & Southern Idaho | China
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InterVarsity’s Global Missions Project

Mission to China

Project Details

As a Global Program team, we will study the beautiful language and culture of China at a college campus while actively seeking to make friends with students. You may find yourself eating noodles late at night with Chinese undergrads, learning Tibetan dances in the city square, or answering a new friend’s questions as you tour a Buddhist monastery together. You will have the opportunity to watch your friendships deepen. However, this is not at all a passive experience. We will partner with others, learning from them how to develop genuine friendships in culturally appropriate ways. Orientation and debrief in Beijing will prepare us well for the four weeks on campus and for applying what we’ve learned about friendship to our home campuses. Our time in Beijing will include trips to well-known historical sites, including the Great Wall and Forbidden City