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Chapter Camp @ Catalina Island

Chapter Camp is an opportunity for you to get away during Spring Break with others from your InterVarsity fellowship, make new friends from chapters around the Rocky Mountain Region, and go in-depth with God through the book of Mark or in one of our tracks for returning students. Located on beautiful Catalina Island off the coast of California, InterVarsity’s Campus by the Sea is a beautiful location complete with opportunities for basketball, volleyball, snorkeling, sea kayaking, swimming, fishing, hiking, and exploring. This is one trip you won’t want to miss!

What To Expect

Mark 1

Repent & Believe

Come live with Jesus in chapters 1-8 of Mark’s Gospel. Using a manuscript study** format, we will meet Jesus together in a fresh, up close, and personal way. Not only will we discover more about the nature and values of God’s kingdom, we will also gain valuable Bible study skills to enrich your personal and group Bible study and worship.


Choose this track if this is your first time at Chapter Camp.

Mark 2

The King Who Serves

Mark II (Chapters 9-16) is a continuation of Mark I. Dive into the rest of the story. Meet Jesus in the climax of his life, death and resurrection. See the unfolding tragedy as his enemies and his followers struggle to understand who He is and what to do. Be challenged to discover true discipleship as you learn about following Jesus into difficult places.


Signup for this track if you have already been through Mark I.


“Prayer is not learned in a classroom, but in the closet”  – Evangelist E.M. Bounds

We don’t grow in prayer by simply reading more books and collecting more information, we grow in prayer by actually praying.  Because this is true, the Prayer Track is designed to feel more like a prayer lab and less like a class.  You will experience new ways of thinking about prayer and have lots of time to practice interacting with God in prayer throughout the week.  Come prepared to encounter God in fresh ways and serve other students through the ministry of prayer.


Choose this track if you have already been through both Mark I & II.


Old Testament Survey

Christians call it the Old Testament, but it was anything but old to Jesus, the apostles, and the early church. Origins is designed to help you enter into the world of the Old Testament and to meet God there.  Using a combination of manuscript Bible studies and experiential learning, you will find your place in God’s big story, deepen your relationship with Jesus, and gain tools to delve into the Old Testament on your own.


Choose this track if you have already completed Mark 1 & 2, and Prayer.

Manuscript Bible Study

Learn To Study God’s Word

Manuscript Bible Study is a method created years ago by an InterVarsity staff worker named Paul Byer. Through this method, we position ourselves to understand the original context of the Scripture and attempt to put ourselves in the shoes of the original audience to best understand what the author intended to say. It is a tool that helps us find truths about ourselves and about God so that we can apply what we learn to real life. We want Mark Study to teach us how to be observers of what is happening around us and be able to translate and understand what is happening in the Scriptures.

Camp Details


We go to camp during Spring Break see when your campus is going:

March 4-10-ASU, USU, WSU, Fort Lewis, USU-E

March 11-17 – UofU, NAU, DSU, NMT, Pima, SUU, UNM, UofA, UTEP, YCC, Yavapai

March 19-25 – BSU, NMHU, SJCC, UVU


InterVarsity’s Campus by the Sea located on Catalina Island off the coast of California west of Los Angeles


$380 – Registration Includes:

6 nights, 7 days stay at Campus by the sea. It covers food 3 meals a day, and also the ferry right to and from dock. Does not include travel from your campus to the San Pedro Terminal where we ferry out from. ($75 deposit to secure your spot and the remainder due before you leave for camp.)

What To Bring

  • Shorts, T-shirts, pants/sweats, light jacket or sweatshirt

  • A warm sleeping bag (Camp will supply pillows)

  • Swim suit (see description below) and beach towel

  • Toiletries and personal towel

  • Bible and notebook

  • Tennis shoes and/or hiking shoes

  • Water shoes (if desired)

  • Flashlight (a must – most of the cabins do not have electricity!!)

  • Refillable water bottle or insulated coffee mug (eliminating styrofoam at camp!)

  • $8 in cash to pay for water taxi if you choose to make the hike to Avalon


Travel arrangements and gas pricing will be arranged by campus groups. Talk to your InterVarsity staff or chapter president for more info.

Need To Know

Please mark your entire luggage with the letters “CBS” (printed on masking tape is fine).  This is to ensure that any lost items will make their way to camp.  You will want to keep your valuables and your personal/carry on bag with you while on the boat to speed up luggage handling time when you arrive at CBS.


Modest one-piece suits are REQUIRED for all female campers, with no exceptions. In addition, cover-ups must be worn to and from the beach and in the dining hall. No wet clothes are allowed in the dining hall. Water shoes are strongly recommended for protection against the rocky shore at camp; there is usually very little sand on the beach.

Cancellation Policy

The $75 deposit due at registration is non-refundable (we still have to pay for ferry spots despite canceling). Any other fees paid will be returned upon cancellation.


Most cell phones do not work at camp.  Campus by the Sea has a pay phone for outgoing calls.  However, if someone needs to get an emergency message to you, they can call (310) 510-0015.

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